Don't Wait Until Your Septic System Breaks Down

Don't Wait Until Your Septic System Breaks Down

Count on our septic solutions to save you from costly repairs

Your septic system might seem to be working fine, but in reality, it could be fostering a buildup of biomat that's steadily getting worse. When the anaerobic bacteria colonies (biomat) make their way into the entrances and exits throughout your septic system, they form tight clogs that can cause costly septic damage.

SludgeHammer Group, Ltd. can help you prevent future septic headaches with custom septic solutions. After finding out which SludgeHammer works best for your septic system, we can install our technology into your tank and prevent biological failure of your septic system.National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)

To learn more about our septic solutions in Petoskey, Michigan, call 231-348-5866 today. We're always happy to answer your questions.

Why get a SludgeHammer for your septic system?

The SludgeHammer is a wastewater treatment device certified by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). By installing a SludgeHammer system in your septic tank before you start to have problems, you can:

  • Clears biomat from your septic system 2.5 times faster than with a traditional aerobic treatment
  • Remediate your septic system and keep from having to replace costly components
  • Clean your wastewater and turn it into usable irrigation water

Contact SludgeHammer Group today to learn more about our wastewater treatment technology. We'll get started on your SludgeHammer installation at our headquarters in Petoskey, Michigan right away. You can have peace of mind knowing SludgeHammer can bulletproof your septic systsem for a lifetime, with a lifetime warranty.