Spring 2020 - Amazing Client Experience.

Will and Kathy,

We just went out to see our SludgeHammer after one month out. Attached is a video clip. WE LOVE IT. Super satisfied and happy. You may use us as references anytime.

Kathy and Elaine

May 10, 2010

Mr. Buzz Jenks

SludgeHammer Group, Ltd.

Petoskey, Michigan 49770

Dear Buzz:

As you know, I am the owner of the Walloon Lake Inn in northern Michigan. The Inn is part of a cluster septic system that discharges to a combined leach bed consisting of three units of 20'x64' each. This system is in excellent soil and functioned for almost 30 years. By 2001, however, the system became clogged with organic load and the system was backing up.

The load to the leach bed includes a six-room Bed & Breakfast, a gourmet restaurant with 75 seats, and a three-bedroom residence served by two- 1,000 gallon tanks. Also connected to the pump station serving the leach bed are five homes, each with a 500 gallon individual septic tank at the home. Two homes are two-bedroom, two are three-bedroom and one has a dormer that sleeps 20 people. Engineers estimated the total load to the leach bed at 2890 gallons per day, based on standard load calculations.

When the system backed up, we installed a monitoring well and found effluent was ponding 25" above the gravel level in the bed. My only option was to purchase another piece of property almost one quarter of a mile away.

The SludgeHammer technology was installed in May of 2003, and it is still going strong! There is no gooey crust. I doubt we will ever need to pump the tanks again. The sediment is gone. The water in the field is barely detectable and the water coming into our lift station looks cleaner than my bath water. This total rejuvenation began in June, July and August of 2003 - our peak volume period - when we did (and still do) 50% of our annual business! This system has now been in operation for seven years and has functioned perfectly ever since.

If anyone wants to talk with me about this experience, they can reach me at the number above. I will gladly tell everyone who calls how delighted I am with the SludgeHammer product and what a pleasure it was working with you and Dan Wickham.


David Beier
Proprietor-Walloon Lake Inn


4801 North State St., Sp.10

Ukiah, CA 95482

March 22, 2010

We have 3 separate septic systems, each serving 19 units. We process approximately 2,200 gallons per day per system, totaling 6,600 gallons per day for the Park.

In February, 2005, I was having serious problems in our #2 leach field. Effluent was coming to the surface and several of our lines were so clogged they would not accept any fluids, thus sending it into one location.

After several meetings with the Health Department Senior Specialist, Scott Miller, they provided me with information about the then relatively new system, SludgeHammer. With the permission of State Inspector Jeanne Peffley, we began installation of the SludgeHammer system on Field 2 and Field 3. We have 7,000 gallon septic tanks and chose to install 3 SludgeHammer units on each system because we had to get immediate results. The Health Department monitored them weekly, then monthly for a year. Within a few months of installation, we were amazed at the results. The new system had imploded our leach field lines and fluids were being processed. Blocked lines began to open up and soon all my lines were operating; no dead, dry caked areas. Those systems saved me thousands of dollars and stress. We are now 5 years after installation of our third and final SludgeHammer system.

We are grateful in so many ways that we found this system.

Janet Hurlbut, General Partner/Manager

"With the two tanks on Bibby Progress, holding 700 tons of toilet, kitchen and laundry waste, it was a big issue. However the answer turned out to be microscopically small, thanks to SludgeHammer, an American-developed system that uses billions of microbes to 'eat' the waste."

Bibby Ship Management