Commercial & Industrial

Designed to meet any wastewater needs, SludgeHammer’s flexible, scalable technology provides an environmentally-conscious solution for a single household or produces effluent so clean on five-story floating hotels that it can be reintroduced into local water tables within three days. Hands down, SludgeHammer can meet any customer’s needs.

A New Solution To An Old Problem
Wherever you find people and water, you’ll find wastewater. And whether it’s in bustling communities, growing cities, the most remote of locations or at sea, proper wastewater disposal and reclamation is essential. Current systems only provide an engineering band-aid to a biological problem. These inadequate systems are expensive, large, energy consuming, difficult to expand and require constant maintenance and cleaning. In the end, they don’t even produce a clean product. Treatment becomes a costly, time-consuming hassle. We’re here to tell you there is a better way, there are new solutions, and you just found them.

The SludgeHammer Difference
We combine modern technology with the fundamentals of nature to provide a biological solution to a biological problem. Need an inexpensive system that can fit in a limited space? SludgeHammer installs anywhere. Our simple, robust systems are easy to set up and process wastewater at half the cost and energy consumption of our leading competitors. Need to reclaim wastewater in a remote location? SludgeHammer’s end product is clear water that can be introduced right back into the local water table, used for irrigation or even made potable. Need an adaptable system that can quickly expand to meet your growing needs? We can do that, too. Unlike conventional treatment systems which have to double in size to treat double the wastewater at double the cost and double the maintenance, SludgeHammer’s biological system expands to meet needs naturally without manual regulation or added equipment. Wastewater is a constant problem. Let us make it easy. Naturally.

SludgeHammer Spans The Globe
SludgeHammer’s versatile systems span the globe, from residential installations throughout North America and the Caribbean, to remote commercial sites in Africa and Asia and even to ocean-going vessels. And we have the only MARPOL certified wastewater treatment system that does not create any residual sludge. Ships equipped with our system no longer need to return to port to offload wastewater sludge. Instead, they can pump their finished effluent back into the seas, no added costs, no environmental assault. SludgeHammer has built dynamic systems for every situation. Let us make wastewater treatment simple for you.

Wastewater Treatment For The Modern Age
Whether it’s a single family home, bustling community, urban population or vast industrial complex, wastewater treatment is a critical problem. Current methods of managing wastewater apply engineering solutions to a biological process, resulting in large, expensive treatment plants that voraciously consume energy and require constant maintenance. In the end, standard wastewater treatment systems don’t even produce a clean product. Treatment becomes a costly time-consuming hassle. But, there is a better way; there are new solutions, and you just found them.

Systems Designed for You
Large or small, we can provide the technology and the system that you need. With over 20 years of design and innovation experience, we have retrofitted outdated treatment facilities on land and sea, and built new, ground up designs for restaurants, resorts, hotels, office buildings and market places around the world. When you use our cutting edge wastewater treatment technology you get a system designed for your location and your requirements, guaranteeing ease of installation, operation and success.