Global Wastewater Treatment Solutions

SludgeHammer introduces sophisticated microbiology to wastewater engineering. Our focus on the software, the SludgeHammer Blend™ bacterial inoculum, allows simple, elegant hardware design to be introduced into conventional septic systems converting them into the most cost-effective and biologically powerful wastewater treatment in the industry

Why SludgeHammer for your Wastewater Management System

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Air Pumps Into System

Aerobic Bacteria Generation System

Vigorous Circulation of SludgeHammer Microbes

Aerobic Bacteria Generator

The SludgeHammer aerates, circulates and inoculates the entire tank using a fraction of energy (equivalent to 1 lightbulb running). Up to 33,000 gallons per day pass through the 120 square feet of inner condensed plastic matrix core where the colonies of waste-eating microbes attach and thrive. (actual unit size 36” tall 15” wide)

Organic waste passes through the colony of microbes and is rapidly digested to a point of non-existence.

Wastewater Treatment Applications


All SludgeHammer products that are designed for residential use fit into existing septic systems. Improve the efficiency and quality of your home’s wastewater treatment with SludgeHammer.


SludgeHammer upgrades community septic systems into purpose designed and built wastewater treatment systems.

Commercial & Industrial

We can retrofit outdated wastewater treatment facilities on land or sea. We also build new, ground up designs for wastewater management in commercial and industrial settings.


Wineries require specialized wastewater solutions, and the SludgeHammer process combines unique strains of bacteria with water aeration to revolutionize the wastewater treatment.


SludgeHammer’s system effectively breaks down effluent and naturally prepares wastewater for redistribution back into susceptible marine environments.