SludgeHammer S-400

The SludgeHammer S-400 is a system designed for single-family residences with up to 400 gallons of wastewater per day (GPD). This system should be used wherever advanced treatment is necessary.


The SludgeHammer is certified to meet Class 1 treatment standards when tested by NSF International. The SludgeHammer S-400 model treats domestic wastewater loads up to 400 gallons per day and consists of the basic SludgeHammer® ABG column installed in the inlet chamber of a 1,500 gallon double compartment standard septic tank.

Air is delivered to the SludgeHammer column where it is then distributed into the column through a micro fine-bubble diffuser. As the air rises, it displaces liquid in the column which circulates with liquid entering the column at the base and leaving at the top. A packet of proprietary SludgeHammer Blend™ bacteria and enzymes is introduced into the unit and held in a central refuge where it is supplied with a continuous stream of aerated liquid.

This model series is certified through NSF 40, Class 1 as Advanced Treatment Units. Treating loads of 400 gallons per day, they provide the most economical and effective treatment on the market.

The SludgeHammer S-400 is part of our residential wastewater treatment product line.

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