Residential Wastewater Treatment Systems

Septic systems and residential wastewater treatment systems often have a shelf life. Once the soil becomes clogged with years of effluent, the soil is unable to properly filter and redistribute the wastewater. SludgeHammer’s residential products have changed that with the revolutionary SludgeHammer Blend™. Remediating residential wastewater treatment systems can be costly, but SludgeHammer products are cost effective, low maintenance, and sustainable upon completion!

Whether you’re building a new home and want to set your wastewater treatment up for success, or you need more effective wastewater treatment in your existing home, SludgeHammer’s residential solutions are a fast and effective way to boost your septic system’s performance for a lifetime! We have a variety of SludgeHammer residential products to fit any residential home size, application, and need. Not sure what to look for? Contact us and we would be happy to help you find the right SludgeHammer product for your residential needs!

Residential Products


The S-46 is a residential wastewater treatment system developed for single family homes. The S-46 is only suitable for one family with up to 3 bedrooms and cannot withstand advanced levels of wastewater treatment. The S-46 is also available as a low profile model.


The S-66 wastewater treatment system is made for residential homes with smaller openings. The S-66 provides tanks with smaller openings advanced oxidation and better wastewater treatment.


The S-86 can be used for small commercial wastewater treatment needs as well as larger residences. If you have a small commercial space requiring advanced wastewater treatment, the S-86 could be the right choice for you.


The S-400 system is a residential wastewater disposal unit that can treat up to 400 gallons of wastewater per day. This unit is ideal for commercial spaces that require advanced treatment of wastewater in large amounts.


The S-600 unit is our most powerful residential wastewater treatment system. This unit can process up to 600 gallons of wastewater a day with highly advanced treatment. For large commercial wastewater disposal, the S-600 should be a primary choice.
My company out in Hawaii offers SludgeHammer treatment units. Every one of my clients are satisfied with the products they provide and the price is unbeatable. We have made failing systems totally recover. This company has excellent customer service and is always ready and willing to answer any questions we have or any help we may need. We definitely recommend SludgeHammer. You won’t be disappointed.