SludgeHammer Agriculture Use Cases

Make Agriculture operations better with SludgeHammer

We know farms are multifaceted, complex operations.  And we know, like most things in life, problems will arise.  Animal waste and chemicals cause problems for septic and pond systems.  High organic loads and leach field failures are a few rural septic issues that impact operations, not only raising costs but adding stress as well. 

SludgeHammer’s patented system of concentrated bacteria can remediate agriculture waste into an eco-friendly, sustainable solution.  SludgeHammer not only clears up and reclaims clogged and inefficient septic systems, it creates reusable water perfect for irrigation in rural septic systems.

Learn more about how we solved problems on Reichardt Duck Farm and Pond Hill Farm

Reichardt Duck Farm

Reichardt Duck Farm in Petaluma, California is the biggest supplier to the huge number of Chinese markets in the SF bay area. They sell only fresh birds at a rate of 5,000 day.

Pond Hill Farm

Pond Hill Farm is a popular stop along the "Tunnel of Trees." Families come to catch trout in their pond, eat at their café, taste their wines and beers and enjoy produce, especially the pumpkin extravaganza during the fall color season.