2 Inch Recirculation Pump

The S-RCP-2-FC is a recirculation pump that recirculates the effluent in a septic system without any moving parts. This larger diameter pump is ideal for systems that require wastewater treatment where larger particles of waste are present.

The SludgeHammer 2” Airlift pump operates by using air displacement of liquid within the pump’s vertical riser. The pump uses pressurized air to form a bubble within a containment pipe, which then expands and forces any liquid that is held within the vertical riser to move up.

Diameter of the vertical riser in the pump is a function of the desired height of lift and the potential for solid clogging. If larger particulate material is present then the 2″ diameter riser eliminates the potential for clogging; however, height of lift is reduced. Expect lift up to 3′ with the 2″ diameter unit.

The 2 Inch Recirculation Pump is part of our commercial wastewater treatment line.

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Here at All Things Septic we highly recommend this product. The science behind this product and the evidence that it works makes it an awesome alternative to an expensive septic replacement.
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