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Septic System Restoration with SludgeHammer Technology

SludgeHammer Installation

SludgeHammer Indiana Commercial High Strength Waste Septic System Design

Another SludgeHammer Installation by Salina Septic Service located in Kansas

SludgeHammer Installation by Dig-it Excavating on Lakefront Home

High-Strength Waste Septic System Design Featuring SludgeHammer

SludgeHammer Founder, Dr. Dan Wickham, PhD on the Science Behind SludgeHammer Technologies

SludgeHammer® saves Customer's failed septic under new patio


Engineering a Wastewater Solution to Serve 250 Workers

A new Indiana RV factory with serious flow requirements called for Aerobic Bacterial Generators, large tanks and a significant drainfield area

An RV manufacturer needed an approved onsite design before constructing a new factory in Middlebury, Indiana. The architect and engineering firm hired Stuart Meade, owner of Meade Septic Design in nearby Goshen, for the project.

Based on 250 employees, the state Department of Health estimated a design flow of 5,500 gpd. Meade’s challenge was to design a system that maximized the undisturbed 22-acre lot for storing chassis, finished RVs and supplies.

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