SludgeHammer brings endless possibilities to septic remediation.

See how SludgeHammer is making a difference with its many different applications.


All SludgeHammer systems designed for residential use fit into existing septic systems. No new tanks or retrofits are necessary, just a small air pump and the SludgeHammer system to let nature do what it does best. SludgeHammer systems installed into residences with already clogged traditional septic systems have effectively cleaned up and remediated their old systems. Instead of needing to entirely rebuild a septic system, installing a SludgeHammer unit allows homeowners to revitalize their septic systems at minimal costs.

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Commercial & Industrial

With over 20 years of design and innovation experience, we have retrofitted outdated treatment facilities on land and sea and built new, ground up designs for restaurants, resorts, hotels, office buildings and marketplaces around the world. When you use our cutting edge wastewater treatment technology you get a system designed for your location and your requirements, guaranteeing ease of installation, operation and success.

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Waterways and wetlands are the most easily polluted environments across the globe. SludgeHammer’s unique, fast-acting, MARPOL certified system effectively breaks down effluent naturally and prepares wastewater for redistribution back into the local water system in these susceptible marine environments. The MARPOL accreditation ensures that SludgeHammer units are certified for use throughout the world’s oceans and ports.

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Communities can quickly overload their septic systems and fill up their leach fields. Introducing SludgeHammer’s technology to pre-existing systems provides a clean, environmentally-conscious solution to unclog and reclaim failed systems. SludgeHammer upgrades community septic systems into purpose-designed and built wastewater treatment systems, providing a flexible, modern solution for communities.

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Using biological solutions for a biological problem, the SludgeHammer process combines unique strains of bacteria with water aeration to revolutionize wastewater treatment in wineries.  SludgeHammer systems are modular, allowing your septic system to expand to meet increased demand as your business grows. Now you can process wastewater at half the cost and at less than half the energy consumption of our leading competitors.

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No matter the circumstances, SludgeHammer’s versatility ensures that your septic system remediation needs will be met. Our powerful and carefully crafted technology has proven to be effective across the globe.