Wastewater Recycling

Leach field overload can result in sewage back ups and inefficient septic operations. SludgeHammer’s patented system of concentrated bacteria can remediate waste into an eco-friendly, sustainable wastewater recycling solution. SludgeHammer not only clears up and reclaims clogged and inefficient septic systems, it creates reusable water perfect for irrigation.  

We understand well water can be limited; therefore, redirecting effluent rich water from the treatment tank to a pump tank and a sub-surface drip grid can be used as a wastewater recycling option.

Learn more about how we solved problems at a Sonoma residential property and an office building

Sonoma Residential Property

Dan and Dee Wickham lived on a 6 acre property in Sonoma County, CA. They leased their property to a family with 5 kid and moved to a sweet cottage on the Russian River.

New SludgeHammer Office Building

The new SludgeHammer office building was just up the lane from Walloon Lake, surrounded by forest and came with its own septic system.