SludgeHammer S-86

Need to reclaim wastewater in a remote location? The SludgeHammer S-86 end product is clear water that can be introduced right back into the local water table, used for irrigation, or even made potable.


The S-86 Aerobic Bacterial Generator (ABG) is the backbone of SludgeHammer commercial treatment systems.  Typically used in conjunction with our TBD and Medusa diffusers, as well as our RCP recirculation pumps, the S-86 allows us to engineer solutions for high-strength wastes, such as restaurants, food processors, wineries, large communities, etc. The S-86 is also the workhorse for residential remediation applications (homes that are 5 bedrooms or greater).

The Science

The advanced bacteriology provided by the S-86 allows us to supply any level of air delivery and mixing so that treatment can be fine-tuned to all volumes and strengths of wastewater loading.  Unlike complex conventional systems, with SludgeHammer the bacteria do the work.  The only mechanical component is the air blower and it sits outside the liquid for easy access.  All essential components in the liquid are driven by innovative use of the air stream.  Maintenance is minimal and treatment is powerful. The SludgeHammer S-86 is part of our commercial wastewater treatment line.

The Stats

It is estimated that 95% of all septic system failures are caused by biomat clogging. SludgeHammer technology is rigorously tested and certified to restore leach systems clogged by organic biomat at a rate of at least 2.5 times that of aerobic treatment alone through testing under IAPMO IGC180-2003. SludgeHammer is the ONLY technology on the market that holds the IAPMO standard.

The Solution

Eliminate biomat clogging and optimize septic function with the SludgeHammer S-86.

  • Extend the life of new leach fields or drip irrigation systems
  • Drastically reduce the need for septic tank pumping
  • Decrease or eliminate destructive property repair





Everyone that I have met through SludgeHammer has been professional and courteous. They have an amazing business that not only helps those in their community but also worldwide. I would highly recommend contacting SludgeHammer of Petoskey!