HiBlow Warranty Information

The air pump warranty begins running from the date on the air pump. That is found in the serial number.  For instance, on an 80 watt serial number of 062312692, the first four numbers of that indicates that the warranty kicks in in June of 2023.  Now HiBlow realizes that can become problematic, so they are very flexible. If you have more indepth questions about that you can call Kyle at HiBlow at (734) 944-5032, but the long and short is, you should keep a record of the date of YOUR install. You may want to take a dated picture of the serial number when you install it into the basin.  If a problem arises later at maintenance of the air pump, take photos of the guts of the air pump, which will mean taking off the outside cover.  It might make sense to have spare parts on hand when performing maintenance, like a repair kit and/or an extra air pump, fix or replace the air pump, then upon return to the shop go to this link:

https://www.hiblow-usa.com/warranty-claim/  to fill out the warranty form including the serial number and the model number.  They will “make you whole,” by providing a new pump if it is not repairable or a repair kit.  They will then send that to you but there is no reimbursement for the service call.