Municipal Net Zero Wastewater Treatment

A common goal for municipalities is to reach a net zero wastewater solution, meaning that the water that is used can be reintroduced to the same watershed and not deplete limited water availability. This is also commonly called wastewater recycling. Municipalities with net zero municipal wastewater treatment solutions have a less harmful environmental impact and aren’t at risk of running dry during droughts and dry spells. 

Introducing a SludgeHammer product into your wastewater treatment is the first step to achieving a municipal net zero wastewater impact. In order to properly recycle wastewater, the wastewater needs to be treated as much as possible. SludgeHammer products utilize aeration and the SludgeHammer Blend (a unique combination of bacteria and enzymes) that work together to break down organic matter efficiently and effectively. This treatment cleans the wastewater so well that it is easily reintroduced back to the watershed. SludgeHammer products are completely scalable, so you can add as many as you need to properly treat your wastewater. We can create a unique combination of SludgeHammers, air pumps, and diffusers to ensure your municipality gets to wastewater net zero! SludgeHammer products provide such effective wastewater treatment that you could water your plants from treated wastewater  — and we have!

You can learn more about how SludgeHammer allows for advanced Wastewater Recycling on our Case Studies page

SludgeHammer Case Studies