Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems

SludgeHammer products are available as commercial wastewater treatment systems. Our products are flexible and scalable so as your commercial wastewater disposal needs grow, so too can the SludgeHammer product output. SludgeHammer commercial wastewater disposal products are environmentally conscious and efficient, allowing wastewater to be treated and safely reintroduced to the environment within days.

SludgeHammer commercial wastewater treatment systems provide commercial developers and businesses with peace of mind. Our products can handle extreme amounts of wastewater, treating the water effectively where it can be disposed of into local water tables. SludgeHammer commercial wastewater services are so effective that the wastewater can even be reused on site! 

All SludgeHammer products are NSF Certified and IAPMO Certified, clearing them for Class 1 use. We seek to provide high-quality commercial wastewater treatment that suits your needs. Our commercial products are developed to grow as you grow, whereas rather than requiring double the materials for double the wastewater treatment, our products are affordably scalable.

Commercial Products


The S-86 can be used for small commercial wastewater treatment needs as well as larger residences. If you have a small commercial space requiring advanced wastewater treatment, the S-86 could be the right choice for you.

1” Recirculation Pump

The S-RCP-1-FC is our one inch recirculation pump that recirculates the liquid in a septic system without any moving parts. This pump operates to displace the liquid with the system.

2” Recirculation Pump

The S-RCP-2-FC is a two inch recirculation pump that recirculates the liquid in a septic system without any moving parts. The larger diameter is developed for systems where larger pieces of organic waste are present.

Medusa Diffuser

The Medusa Diffuser is a planar fine bubble diffuser. This diffuser is ideal for larger scale systems or systems that experience large levels of organic material needed to be treated. The Medusa Diffuser operates at a high air flow, and requires more powerful blowers as it helps process more effluent.

Tank Bottom Diffuser

The tank bottom diffuser is a planar fine bubble diffuser that works in coordination with SludgeHammer products to provide additional oxygen. The tank bottom diffuser is not meant to be used in large systems with heavy levels of organic waste.
Here at All Things Septic we highly recommend this product. The science behind this product and the evidence that it works makes it an awesome alternative to an expensive septic replacement.
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