SludgeHammer Residential Septic System Use Cases

Wherever you find people and water, you’ll find wastewater. And with wastewater, inevitably, you’ll find the headaches that go along with maintaining a residential septic system such as pumping and failures. The EPA estimates that 95% of all septic system failures are caused by clogging from colonies of bacteria that journey to the disposal field producing soil-clogging slime called biomat. Eliminate this biomat and you extend the life of your system and drastically reduce the need for septic tank pumping or budget-busting septic field replacement.

Residential septic system needs encompass your family and home.  Adhering to municipal requirements, budget parameters and property aesthetics is important, especially when we are talking about wastewater.  No one wants a smelly drain field or costly repairs.  SludgeHammer’s patented system combines modern technology with the fundamentals of nature to provide a biological solution to wastewater that can fit anywhere including in limited spaces.  Our simple, robust systems are easy to set up and process wastewater at half the cost and energy consumption of our leading competitors.

Our systems can be installed in condominiums, single family, and acreage locations.

Learn more about how we helped the Johnson, Bisset, and Otterbein family

Johnson Project

Mrs. Johnson is a 90 year old cottage owner living on the shore of Walloon Lake.

Bisset Project

Mr. Bisset is a retired professional living on Walloon Lake.

Otterbein Project

The Otterbein family has enjoyed their lakefront cottage for decades on Walloon Lake.