SludgeHammer Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industries create some of the largest sums of wastewater. Many industries use water as part of their manufacturing process or to clean aspects of the manufacturing process. Industrial wastewater is often highly polluted and the effluent needs to go through a rigorous treatment process in order to be safely reintroduced into the environment. Many industrial processes have on-site wastewater treatment to treat pollutants and ensure that all water going back to lakes, rivers, and the sewer system is safe. Different industries face different wastewater treatment needs, from heavy metals to organic matter. Each pollutant needs to be treated differently. Heavy metals and toxins need to be treated separately from the soil, but organic matter, when treated correctly, can be treated and eliminated through the power of bacteria and enzymes. The SludgeHammer Blend can help treat your wastewater pollution and ensure that your wastewater treatment systems last longer than any other septic leach field. 

We have worked alongside industrial businesses from plants and manufacturers to mines and food industries. We know that every industry requires a different approach to wastewater treatment. SludgeHammer products are completely scalable, so whether you have a small leach field or have a dedicated constructed wetland for treatment, SludgeHammer products can help improve your wastewater treatment and ensure all water is safely reintroduced into the environment,