Our History

Dr. Dan Wickham, a Ph.D. in biology, worked for many years detoxifying petroleum contaminated soil with the use of micro-organisms. In order to bring the same microbial biotechnology into wastewater treatment, he used his decades of experience as a research ecologist at the University of California to guide the introduction of applied microbiology to the industry. He experimented with blends of microbes and tried them out in a variety of circulating containers. Eventually, he developed his break-through concept, the Aerobic Bacterial Generator (ABG), and opened the pathway to apply advanced microbial biotechnology to wastewater treatment in a simple and economical fashion. His latest version, the SludgeHammer, is fully refined, tested, and working in thousands of septic systems and larger industrial waste systems throughout the world.

Today, the SludgeHammer Group’s Northern Michigan corporate headquarters is located for optimum manufacturing and distribution throughout the United States and internationally. Since 2001, our regional dealers and installers have served customers from California to Maine, Louisiana to New York and globally in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Latin America, Africa, China, Malaysia, Australia, Libya, New Guinea, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the British Virgin Islands and the Caribbean.