Tank Bottom Septic Diffuser

The Tank Bottom Diffuser is a planar fine bubble diffuser with an octogonal faced central hub.

The Tank Bottom Diffuser’s membrane is 1” with an OD compound extrusion and an active surface area of 113 inches squared.

This diffuser is designed to be added to septic tanks in association with the SludgeHammer Blend™ to inexpensively provide extra oxygen in systems where needed.

Installation of the diffuser can be done using an individual air pump to pressurize a single diffuser or as part of an air delivery manifold. The air delivery rate to the Tank Bottom Diffuser should be in the range of 1-3 CFM.

The Tank Bottom Diffuser is part of our commercial wastewater treatment line.


These guys are the best around - very nice people to deal with and the product is amazing!! Usually septic tanks smell like poop but since the system has been in mine there’s no smell or no bad sewer smell coming through my pipes anymore. I would recommend this company time and time again! Thanks again guys!!!