Septic Tank Diffusers

Septic Tank Diffusers are tubes or plates that are constructed with a fine mesh. This mesh allows water and oxygen to pass through. The mesh creates small bubbles that the bacteria in the septic system are about to latch onto and use.

Septic Tank Diffusers create bubbles and move oxygen throughout the septic system. Increased oxygen is a vital part of septic systems, as soil bacteria lives off and flourishes in the presence of oxygen. Septic Tank Diffusers work in coordination with the SludgeHammer Blend™ by helping the bacteria and enzymes work to break down all organic matter and treat the wastewater successfully. By adding additional oxygen and air to the septic system, SludgeHammer products are able to work to the best of their ability and provide efficient wastewater treatment. 

SludgeHammer Septic Tank Diffusers can provide additional support to your septic system, allowing the bacteria to break down organic matter faster. If you’re unsure which septic tank diffuser is the right choice for your septic system, please contact us and we would be happy to help!

Diffuser Products

Medusa Diffuser

The Medusa Diffuser is a planar fine bubble diffuser. This diffuser is ideal for larger scale systems or systems that experience large levels of organic material needed to be treated. The Medusa Diffuser operates at a high air flow, and requires more powerful blowers as it helps process more effluent.

Tank Bottom Diffuser

The Tank Bottom Diffuser (TBD) is a planar fine bubble diffuser that works in coordination with SludgeHammer products to provide additional oxygen. The tank bottom diffuser is not meant to be used in large systems with heavy levels of organic waste.
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