Our Team

Dr. Dan Wickham

Founder – Chairman of the Board

Inventor and Chairman of the Board, Dan Wickham, Ph.D., served in the United States Navy and has practiced ecological research and science since 1972. Born in 1945 in the state of Michigan, he grew up along the shore of a small lake spending virtually all of his free time immersed in nature and the aquatic environment. He started college in 1963 but then spent the next few years in the US Navy. Cruising the Caribbean and Mediterranean on the USS Boston, he discovered his fascination with the ocean. Upon return to college, he enrolled at the University of Miami to take advantage of their powerful program in oceanography and marine biology.

He received a BS in biology in 1970 and returned to Michigan to attend the limnology program at Wayne State University in Detroit. After earning his Master’s in Biology, he then had the unique opportunity to move to California where he became the Director of the Aquaculture facility at the UC Bodega Marine Laboratory. During that period, he was introduced to wastewater technology, working with Dr. George Tchobanoglous, who was co-principle investigator on the lobster project. While at Bodega Bay, he was able to enroll in the UC Berkeley Zoology department Ph.D. program, studying marine ecology and fisheries.

Wickham received his Ph.D. in 1979 and remained at Bodega Bay as a research ecologist. During that period, he pursued a parallel interest in wine making, a longtime fascination, and started a small winery, Sea Ridge, on the Sonoma Coast. For ten years, he split his time between research and winemaking. This allowed him to add practical hands-on experience in industrial scale microbiology as a winemaker to his academic background in the study of bacteria and phytoplankton.

In 1989, he was introduced to a new process using bacteria to clean up petroleum contaminated soil through a composting process. He rapidly became immersed in this new technology and shifted his focus back to waste treatment. One of the striking features of the wastewater industry was its lack of understanding about the use of selected cultures in their microbiological systems. This led him to create the  Aerobic Bacterial Generator ( ABG ) – a device that allowed him to grow and utilize a special group of facultative bacteria in septic tanks and other wastewater systems. He co-founded SludgeHammer Group and his company has become a leader in providing innovative, cost-effective environmental treatment at scales ranging from individual homes to small communities.

William M. Stoddard


William M. Stoddard, President of SludgeHammer Group, Ltd., brings more than two decades of experience in business and technology development, project management and is a sustainable/environmental wastewater reuse design expert. William has been instrumental in new engineered opportunities for onsite wastewater/septic system designs, developing difficult properties/lakefront properties, large community developments, combating density issues, site appeals and removing properties from pump and haul. William spent most of his career as a top consultant for one of the largest distribution companies in the state of Michigan. He also brings considerable amounts of construction experience and troubleshooting abilities.

Kathleen A. Beer

Vice President of SludgeHammer Group

Kathleen A. Beer, Vice President of SludgeHammer Group, brings accounting and operations management expertise to the corporation. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Lake Superior State University, is a former court reporter and has 30 years of experience managing high-income producing law firms. She has been with the SludgeHammer Group, Ltd., for thirteen (13) years and is a wealth of information.

Justin Sorenson


Justin Sorenson, P.E. is a licensed engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of civil and environmental engineering. Justin graduated from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor in 1998. He has designed and managed commercial, residential and industrial projects involving storm water, waste water, structural design, and all facets of site development. Justin enjoys bringing difficult projects from concept to completion. He has successfully reversed health department permit denial decisions using SludgeHammer technology. During his off time, Justin rides enduro motorcycles, mountain bikes, and spends family time on their boat in Northern Michigan. He looks forward to the successful completion of your challenging project.

Harry Luzius


Harry Luzius, Engineer, has more than 25 years of experience in the field of civil engineering. He has designed and administered the construction of several million-dollar projects, including sewer collection systems, lift stations, and wastewater treatment systems. Harry is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at Westpoint and earned a Master of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.

Chris Putnam

Manager of SludgeHammer Global Manufacturing

Chris has an in-depth mechanical and manufacturing background and is responsible for technology fabrication, assembly, inventory and quality control. He is also an assistant fire chief, first responder, devoted husband and father to three amazing kids. Chris’s hard work and devotion to protecting the environment through advanced waste water solution is portrayed daily.

Ryan Zaremba

Project Manager

Ryan Zaremba, Project Manager, is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He brings over a decade of experience in government contracts and business relations, and has pursued a Master’s Degree in Business & Organizational Management. He has been focused on state/county approvals for our SludgeHammer systems while educating property owners, designers, and tradesmen on the functionality of SludgeHammer technology and the incredible benefits it can have on our communities and environments. As an avid outdoorsman, Ryan puts a heavy emphasis on environmental sustainability and responsibility. You can find Ryan finding fresh powder turns snowmobiling & skiing, crashing through river rapids, or you’ll never find him as he explores the desolate wilderness. Whether you have a project that needs design support or just want to shoot the breeze, Ryan will be here for you so give him a call!

Dax Sparky Beer

Director of Positivity, Cuteness and Overall Morale Booster!

Daxie is our Director of Positivity. He is a rescue from one of our clients and brings daily joy into the office. He supports every staff member with his sweetness and ability to bring happiness to our days. Dax is also responsible for quality control and loves his career at SludgeHammer. Daxie recently completed a 6-week training course at the Third Coast Canine Academy, where he learned to be tolerant of squirrels.