SludgeHammer Winery Wastewater Treatment and Applications

Wineries value quality and taste. Water is paramount to the success of the operation used throughout the winemaking process from vineyard to bottle. Winery wastewater treatment challenges can add costs and operational risks to any wine business.  Challenges that can occur include inadequate system sizing leading to more frequent need for cleaning or system failure, wastewater strength being too high for municipal treatment, clogged systems, and odors.

Wastewater management is inextricably linked to efficient winery operations and long-term profit. It is as much a business matter as an environmental or technical issue. SludgeHammer’s patented system combines modern technology with the fundamentals of nature to provide a biological solution to wastewater that can fit anywhere, including in limited spaces. Our simple, robust systems are easy to set up and process wastewater at half the cost and energy consumption of our leading competitors.

Learn more about how we solved problems at French Road Cellars winery.

French Road Cellars

French Road Cellars is a custom-crush winery that makes a wide variety of wines and ciders on the Leelanau Peninsula. The facility is linked to Chateau Fontaine but produces for several other wine labels.