SludgeHammer Community Septic Use Cases

Whether reclaiming failed leach fields or providing solutions for new community projects, things like nitrate control and multi-system management require attention within the wastewater space.  SludgeHammer is a proven product to match any need. From upgrading a dated community septic system, to purpose-designed and built wastewater treatment systems, SludgeHammer can provide a flexible, modern solution for community projects across the globe.

SludgeHammer’s patented system combines modern technology with the fundamentals of nature to provide a biological solution to waste water that can fit anywhere, including in limited spaces.  Our simple, robust systems are easy to set up and process wastewater at half the cost and energy consumption of our leading competitors. SludgeHammer is a winning choice for your community septic system.

Learn more about how we solved problems at Trout Creek Condominiums

Trout Creek Condominiums

Trout Creek Condo's is next to Nub's Knob Ski area and provides both winter and summer adventure for 120 owner families.
Every single person I have met from the SludgeHammer team has been very professional and kind! The company is amazing with their environmental and sustainable solutions that not only service our community, but other communities worldwide as well. The service is stellar, and I have seen the SludgeHammer system in action - it is truly amazing!