SludgeHammer Commercial Septic System Applications and Uses

Wherever you find people and water, you’ll find wastewater. And whether it’s in bustling communities, growing cities, the most remote of locations, or at sea, proper wastewater disposal and reclamation are essential. The current commercial septic systems only provide an engineering band-aid to a biological problem. These inadequate systems are expensive, large, energy consuming, difficult to expand, and require constant maintenance and cleaning. In the end, they don’t even produce a clean product. Treatment becomes a costly, time-consuming hassle. We’re here to tell you there is a better way, there are new solutions, and you just found them.

Your business relies heavily on safe, effective wastewater treatment. If your septic system fails it can be hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, not to mention the implications of how your commercial area is viewed if wastewater treatment fails, and the environment is harmed. SludgeHammer products work together to ensure that failure never occurs within your septic system. The unique SludgeHammer blend is a combination of bacteria and enzymes that work together to break down organic matter. Our commercial units can treat as many gallons of wastewater a day as your business needs! These units are further enhanced with the introduction of diffusers and aeration pumps that add oxygen to the system to ensure that the bacteria and enzymes work correctly. With SludgeHammer commercial units, your leach fields will be able to reintroduce wastewater back to the environment safely and effectively, ensuring your business runs smoothly.