SludgeHammer Marine Wastewater Applications and Uses

Waterways and wetlands are the most easily polluted environments across the globe. SludgeHammer’s versatility has revolutionized how marine wastewater treatment systems are used on boats and barges. Our systems are specifically designed to fit any situation from floating hotels housing hundreds of workers in places as remote as the coast of Nigeria to providing wastewater treatment to the workers rebuilding the New Orleans dry docks after the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

SludgeHammer’s unique, fast acting, MARPOL certified system effectively breaks down effluent, naturally preparing the wastewater for redistribution back into the local water system’s susceptible marine environments. Our MARPOL accreditation ensures that SludgeHammer units are certified for use throughout the world’s oceans and ports. SludgeHammer products are so effective that water that is treated through our systems can be safely reintroduced directly back into the environment. Our products are ideal for marine wastewater treatment systems as we ensure no pollution is caused by the wastewater and that all treatment is safe for the environment.