SludgeHammer RV Park Septic System Uses

Recreational Vehicle parks require advanced wastewater treatment. Throughout the summer season you’ll have a consistent flow of RVs and campers that all require unique amounts of wastewater treatment. When creating a leach field for your RV park, you will never know for certain how much wastewater will be used on a given day (factors such as the number of campsites in use and how many people are at each campsite all impact this). Because of this, RV parks need to err on the side of caution and ensure that the RV park septic system and leach field are able to handle the wastewater load effectively and without issue. Any issues with your leach field can cause major problems from a business perspective, as future holds and bookings may cancel if they hear the wastewater treatment is not effective.

SludgeHammer products are a cost-effective and efficient way to improve your RV park’s wastewater treatment. Our SludgeHammer products for commercial use can handle as many gallons of wastewater a day as you need, improved further by the introduction of aeration pumps and diffusers. SludgeHammer products introduce a unique biometric blend of bacteria and enzymes that will ensure the wastewater for your RV park is effectively and efficiently treated. With the power of a SludgeHammer, you’ll never experience leach field issues with your septic system again. The aeration effects combined with the specialized bacteria and enzymes break down organic matter so that the water can be safely and sanitarily reintroduced to the environment.