Medusa Diffuser

The Medusa Septic Tank Diffuser is a planar fine bubble diffuser with an octagonal faced central hub.

The Medusa Diffuser’s recommended operation depth is anywhere from 2’ to as deep as the blower permits oxygen transfers per SCFM.

The Medusa Septic Tank Diffuser is designed for large scale systems and for systems with high organic loads or high-solids effluents. The air diffuser hose extensions are long enough to encourage extensive motion through the liquid and cause a vibratory effect that keeps solids from attaching to the diffuser hose.

Installation of the Medusa Diffuser can be done using an individual air pump to pressurize a single diffuser or as part of an air delivery manifold. The Medusa diffuser operates at higher air flows, 3-9 CFM and requires more powerful air blowers.

The Medusa diffuser is part of our commercial wastewater treatment product line.

Medusa Septic Tank Diffuser
What an awesome company! After installing my advanced treatment system seven years ago I have not had a single issue with my septic system. Never had to pump again. I live near a stream and take comfort in knowing that I am also being environmentally conscious. Highly recommended this American made product.