Why SludgeHammer

Scalable – A single SludgeHammer easily handles a home, but all you need to do is add tanks and extra units to scale SludgeHammer products to a community, restaurant, campground, or anywhere else needed wastewater treatment solutions. Our modular SludgeHammer technology can grow with your needs. 

Economical – SludgeHammer technology fits into any commercially available septic tank, is easy to install, and draws only the electricity of a light-bulb which eliminates costly regular sludge pumping.

Low Maintenance – SludgeHammer products are mechanically simple and biologically complex. Trillions of our bacterial workers and the air do all the work in our wastewater treatment solutions. The only mechanical part is a low-watt linear blower that sits in our proprietary basin near the house, which is easily accessible for cleaning. 

Non-Invasive – Leach fields are restored from within the soil so that your yard is not torn up by heavy equipment. Smells are gone and ‘septic’ disappears from your septic tank. 

Ecological – The natural bacteria in the SludgeHammer Blend™ enhance the social ecosystem and purify waste, protecting the environment.

Sustainable – The elimination of organic contaminants allows water to be reclaimed through irrigation while returning nutrients to nature. The SludgeHammer bacteria protect and will enhance soil fertility and function for a lifetime.