SludgeHammer S66 Residential Unit


The SludgeHammer S66 is ideal for single family homes that have tanks with smaller openings or require special considerations.

The Science

The SludgeHammer Blend™ revolutionalizes residential septic system function. Soil absorbs waste through microbes in the ground that consume organic material. The microbes thrive in oxygen rich environments. Without oxygen, something called biomat is produced — a slime that clogs the soil. Clogged soil causes residential septic systems to fail, which means they can no longer treat the wastewater produced by your household.

The Stats

It is estimated that 95% of all septic system failures are caused by biomat clogging. SludgeHammer technology is proven to restore leach systems clogged by organic biomat at a rate of at least 2.5 times that of aerobic treatment alone.

The Solution

Eliminate biomat clogging and optimize septic function with the SludgeHammer S-66. Instead of rebuilding an entire septic system, installing a SludgeHammer unit allows homeowners to rehabilitate their septic systems at minimal costs

  • Extend the life of new leach fields or drip irrigation systems 
  • Drastically reduce the need for septic tank pumping
  • Decrease or eliminate destructive property repairs
SludgeHammer S66 Residential Wastewater Unit



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Everyone I dealt with with at The Sludgehammer Group was incredibly pleasant and professional. From the person who answered the initial phone call to the installation team. I had a serious problem with my septic system and they came out the day I called. My system was evaluated promptly and a proposal was sent the next day. My Sludgehammer S 46 was installed two months ago and all issues have been rectified. Without even requesting, 1 week after the installation, someone from the installation team arrived at our house to make sure everything was operating correctly. I can’t say enough about the company! I highly recommend you call the Sludgehammer Group before you call any other septic professional!