SludgeHammer S600 - SludgeHammer

The SludgeHammer S600 is a residential model that can also be used for very large residences. The S-600 is used where advanced treatment is necessary as it can treat up to 60 gallons of wastewater per day.

The S600 system meets all NSF/ANSI Class 1 standards when tested by NSF International. The model is installed in the inlet chamber of a 2,000 gallon standard septic tank. The S600 treats wastewater similarly to the S400 where the SludgeHammer Blendâ„¢ of bacteria and enzymes supplies aerated liquid to break down organic matter. The column of the SludgeHammer unit is also filled with air to displace liquid and circulate all liquid entering and leaving the column.

This model series is certified through NSF 40, Class 1 as Advanced Treatment Units.  Treating loads of 600 gallons per day, they provide the most economical and effective treatment on the market.

SludgeHammer S600 Unit

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